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Jellyfish Quotes

Life is a beautiful, magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish.
Charlie Chaplin

Life is an awe-inspiring, splendid phenomenon, even to a jellyfish.
Authors on Jellyfish Quotes: Karl Pilkington Jack Johnson Kathy Reichs P. W. Botha Gene Tierney Peter Benchley May Sarton Charlie Chaplin
When you move like a jellyfish, rhythm is nothing. You go with the flow. You don't stop.
Jack Johnson

Glide like a jellyfish, tempo is inconsequential. Adapt to the ebb and flow. Keep going.
Trying to make order out of my life was like trying to pick up a jellyfish.
Gene Tierney

Attempting to arrange my life was like attempting to grasp a jellyfish.
We are all jellyfish, too pitiful and too afraid of being disliked to be honest.
May Sarton

We are all timid, too meek and too fearful of repudiation to be forthright.
I've never been hurt by a sea creature, except for jellyfish and sea urchins.
Peter Benchley

I have never been wounded by a marine animal, excluding jellyfish and sea urchins.
It would be spiteful to put a Jellyfish in a trifle.
Karl Pilkington

South Africa is not a jellyfish and is in many respects a swordfish.
P. W. Botha

Who's going to rob us? A crackhead crab? A jellyfish junkie?
Kathy Reichs