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A man is lucky if he is the first love of a woman. A woman is lucky if she is the last love of a man.
Charles Dickens

A man is fortunate if he is the inaugural love of a female. A woman is blessed if she is the ultimate love of a male.
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Anything's possible, you gotta dream like you never seen obstacles.
J. Cole

'Nothing is impossible, you must envision a world without hindrances.'
Anything lost, can be found again, except for time wasted A vision without action is merely a dream Action, it's the grind, it's the hustle, it's the persistence
Kevin Gates

"Anything misplaced can be located again, except for moments squandered. A plan without implementation is but an illusion. Activity, it's the determination, it's the toil, it's the constancy."
It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.
Bernard Williams

It is virtually inconceivable to witness a sundown and not fantasize.
Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work.
William Arthur Ward

"Engage more than just belonging: take action. Show more than concern: offer aid. Implement more than faith: exercise. Exhibit more than justice: be compassionate. Overlook more than pardon: erase. Act on more than aspiration: labor."
I'll be dammed if I sit around another year, Dreamin' dreams hopin' somehow that they just appear.
J. Cole

I'll be damned if I linger another year, Visualizing fantasies anticipating they just manifest.
That until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned: That until there are no longer first-class and second class citizens of any nation; That until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained.
Haile Selassie

If you dont like the way your life is going, redesign it. Redeem the years you lost. Restore your vision, revive your passion for living, and reclaim what was dormant inside of you. I cannot give you the dream but I can give you the tools to reach the dreams you have inside.
T. D. Jakes

Out my window.. I see everything I dream about and wished I had
Kevin Gates

Through my pane.. I view all that I long for and desired.
Countrymen, the task ahead is great indeed, and heavy is the responsibility; and yet it is a noble and glorious challenge - a challenge which calls for the courage to dream, the courage to believe, the courage to dare, the courage to do, the courage to envision, the courage to fight, the courage to work, the courage to achieve - to achieve the highest excellencies and the fullest greatness of man. Dare we ask for more in life?
Kwame Nkrumah

Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. There's nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day.
Rachel Boston

Continue looking ahead! I take lessons from history, dream of what's to come and gaze forward. There's nothing quite like a gorgeous sundown to conclude a wholesome day.
I always feel like it's two key ingredients when it comes to following your dreams, making something happen that the average person deems difficult. If you truly believe it, that's step one. Step two, is, you know, the hard work that goes along with it.
J. Cole

Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.
Terence McKenna

The secret is to believe in your dreams; in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing and don’t lose faith in yourself.

The key is to have faith in your aspirations; in the possibility that you can reach the same heights as your idols, keep striving, keep trusting and don't relinquish confidence in yourself.
Timing is so important! If you are going to be successful in dance, you must be able to respond to rhythm and timing. It's the same in the Spirit. People who don't understand God's timing can become spiritually spastic, trying to make the right things happen at the wrong time. They don't get His rhythm - and everyone can tell they are out of step. They birth things prematurely, threatening the very lives of their God-given dreams.
T. D. Jakes

I gotta make a move, I gotta do this now, If they don't know your dreams, they can't shoot 'em down.
J. Cole

I must act swiftly, I must do this immediately, If they are unaware of your aspirations, they can't impede them.
We got dreams and we got the right to chase 'em, Look at the nation, that's a crooked smile braces couldn't even straighten.
J. Cole

We have aspirations and we possess the permission to pursue them, Inspect the country, that's a distorted grin braces couldn't even rectify.
Keep exploring. Keep dreaming. Keep asking why. Don’t settle for what you already know. Never stop believing in the power of your ideas, your imagination, your hard work to change the world.
Barack Obama

Continue investigating. Persevere in your musings. Keep inquiring why. Don't be content with what is already known. Unceasingly trust in the strength of your plans, your creativity, and your commitment to modify the globe.
From the beginning of my Reformation I have asked God to send me neither dreams, nor visions, nor angels, but to give me the right understanding of His Word, the Holy Scriptures; for as long as I have God's Word, I know that I am walking in His way and that I shall not fall into any error or delusion.
Martin Luther

Whether one is rich or poor, educated or illiterate, religious or nonbelieving, man or woman, black, white, or brown, we are all the same. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, we are all equal. We all share basic needs for food, shelter, safety, and love. We all aspire to happiness and we all shun suffering. Each of us has hopes, worries, fears, and dreams. Each of us wants the best for our family and loved ones. We all experience pain when we suffer loss and joy when we achieve what we seek. On this fundamental level, religion, ethnicity, culture, and language make no difference.
Dalai Lama

There is no pressure when you are making a dream come true.

There is no strain when you are actualizing a fantasy.
What separated me from all my homeboys is the fact that I didn't get caught inside the reality. I was always dreaming about doing something else or going somewhere else.
Kendrick Lamar

I stood apart from my peers due to the fact that I never allowed myself to become ensnared in the status quo. Rather, I was always envisioning achieving something else or journeying elsewhere.
The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them.
Michelle Obama

The pinnacle of your accomplishments is only bounded by the scope of your aspirations and your dedication to achieving them.
I'm building a dream with elevators in it.
Rick Ross

I'm constructing an aspiration with lifts in it.
You can spend your time Dreaming about Living or Living your Dream

'You can dedicate your energy Fantasizing about Existence or Existing your Fantasy'
Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love, but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday.
Khalil Gibran

Big dreams turn into big things.
Meek Mill

Ambitious aspirations lead to grand accomplishments.
When Allah granted Prophet Yoosuf (`alayhis-Salaam) physical beauty it caused him to be locked up in the prison; but when Allah granted him knowledge (when he interpreted the dream of the king) it not only took him out of prison, but elevated his rank in society, clearly showing us the virtue of knowledge and that physical beauty does not mean anything.
Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

Because of them I can now live the dream. I am the seed of the free, and I know it. I intend to bear great fruit.
Sojourner Truth

'As a result of them, I can now pursue my aspirations. I am the progeny of liberty, and I recognize it. I am determined to yield profuse harvest.'
I just wish people would realize that anything's possible if you try; dreams are made possible if you try.
Terry Fox

People should comprehend that with effort, anything can be achieved; aspirations are attainable if one strives.
Every great dream begins with a dreamer.
Harriet Tubman

Every successful vision starts with an innovator.
If a man doesn't have a dream, then he has nothing to work for. Nothing to get up in the morning. No reason, no purpose, to be
Kai Greene

If a man has no ambition, then he lacks motivation. Nothing to spur him on in the morning. No incentive, no objective, to pursue.
In speaking of the capitalists who strive only for profit, only to get rich, I do not want to say that these are the most worthless people capable of doing nothing else. Many of them undoubtedly possess great organising talent, which I would not dream of denying. We Soviet people learn a lot from the capitalists. But if you mean people who are prepared to reconstruct the world, of course you will not be able to find them in the ranks of those who faithfully serve the cause of profit. ..The capitalist is riveted in profit and nothing can tear him away from it.
Joseph Stalin

The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it. Wishing you a great journey.
Kalpana Chawla

'The road from aspirations to accomplishment exists. May you have the insight to discover it, the boldness to embark on it, and the tenacity to traverse it. Offering you a remarkable voyage.'
A relationship means you come together to make each other better. It’s not all about you, and it’s not all about them. Its all about the relationship. Support them in their dreams/vision just as much as you would expect them to support you. Make each other better. Challenge each other to go beyond average. Pull out the greatness from within each other. Make sure they can find their biggest fan in you, and you can find yours in them.
Trent Shelton

God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the plant, stirs in the animal, and awakens in man.
Ibn Arabi

God slumbers within the stone, envisions in the vegetation, stirs up life in the creature, and is cognizant in human.
If you expect the present day school system to give history to you, you are dreaming. This, we have to do ourselves. The Chinese didn't go out in the world and beg people to teach Chinese studies or let them teach Chinese studies. The Japanese didn't do that either. People don't beg other people to restore their history; they do it themselves.
John Henrik Clarke

To make a great dream come true, the first requirement is a great capacity to dream; the second is persistence.
Cesar Chavez

To manifest an ambitious ambition, the initial necessity is a strong ability to imagine; the subsequent is constancy.
Most people chasing their dreams don't see the bigger picture, they just see the silhouette. Make the vision real!
Joel Brown

'Most people striving for their ambitions don't perceive the entire scope, they just observe the outline. Bring the dream to fruition!'
The person with the biggest dreams is more powerful than the person with all the answers.
Kai Greene

The individual with the grandest aspirations is mightier than the one with all the solutions.
Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.
Douglas Ivester

Don't let your past overshadow your aspirations.
Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness's of other people. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Jung

Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.
Liam James

Visions are like beacons. You may never grasp them, but if you pursue them they will take you to your fate.
Believe in your dreams and that anything is possible.
Usain Bolt

Trust in your aspirations and that all is achievable.
A world I dream where black or white, Whatever race you be, Will share the bounties of the Earth And every man is free.
Langston Hughes

A paradise I envision where regardless of hue, Regardless of ancestry, We shall all be blessed with the riches of the world And everyone will have liberty.
Once in the dream of a night I stood Lone in the light of a magical wood, Soul-deep in visions that poppy-like sprang; And spirits of Truth were the birds that sang, And spirits of Love were the stars that glowed, And spirits of Peace were the streams that flowed In that magical wood in the land of sleep.
Sarojini Naidu

Nothing comes easy, but as long as you're breathing, you're always one breath away from making your dreams a reality. Make every breath count.
Kai Greene

No achievement is effortless, but as long as you exist, you're constantly one inhalation away from achieving your aspirations. Cherish every breath.
You see things and you say, 'Why?'. But I dream things and I say, 'Why not?'.
George Bernard Shaw

You observe things and you ask, 'Why?'. But I envision possibilities and I proclaim, 'Why not!'
Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
Theodore Roosevelt

Dream big and stay grounded.
The world, like a dream full of attachments and aversions seems real until the awakening.
Adi Shankara

The world, like a vision laden with yearnings and repulsions appears genuine until the epiphany.