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Everyone has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is.
Pablo Escobar

All people have a cost, the challenge is ascertaining what that may be.
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The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.
Maria Montessori

The most critical juncture of life is not the era of collegiate education, but the initial one, the time from birth to six years old.
When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. People know themselves much better than you do. That's why it's important to stop expecting them to be something other than who they are
Maya Angelou

If you want the cooperation of humans around you, you must make them feel they are important - and you do that by being genuine and humble.
Nelson Mandela

If you desire the collaboration of other people, you must demonstrate to them that they are valued - and this is achieved through frankness and modesty.
What was important wasn't the fireworks, it was that we were together this evening, together in this place, looking up into the sky at the same time.
Banana Yoshimoto

'The significance of the night was not in the spectacle, but rather in the unity of us being there, together at that moment, gazing upwards.'
It is in solitude that we discover that being is more important than having and that we are worth more than the results of our efforts. In solitude we discover that our life is not a possession to be defended but a gift to be shared.
Henri Nouwen

The most important thing in life is to dare. The most complicated thing in life is to be afraid. The smartest thing in the world is to try to be a moral person.
Shimon Peres

The most essential thing in life is to be audacious. The most intricate thing in life is to be apprehensive. The shrewdest thing in the world is to endeavor to be an ethical individual.
Width of life is more important than length of life.

Breadth of life is more significant than duration of life.
Class is more important than a game.
Pat Summitt

Education overrides amusement.
One of the most important factors, not only in military matters but in life as a whole, is ... the ability to direct one's whole energies towards the fulfillment of a particular task.
Erwin Rommel

The capacity to concentrate all of one's efforts towards the realization of a specific goal is paramount not only in military matters but in life as well.
I think it's important to evolve and grow and take risks creatively, instead of repeating yourself and doing the same thing over and over.

Progress and expand artistically, rather than staying stagnant and repeating past successes.
I guess that one of the most important things I've learned is that nothing is ever completely bad. Even cancer. It has made me a better person. It has given me courage and a sense of purpose I never had before. But you don't have to do like I did...wait until you lose a leg or get some awful disease, before you take the time to find out what kind of stuff you're really made of. You can start now. Anybody can.
Terry Fox

Access to communication in the widest sense is access to knowledge, and that is vitally important for us if we are not to go on being despised or patronized by condescending sighted people. We do not need pity, nor do we need to be reminded that we are vulnerable. We must be treated as equals — and communication is the way we can bring this about.
Louis Braille

You have the right to be involved. You have something important to contribute, and you have to take the risk to contribute it.
Mae Jemison

You are entitled to take part. You possess a significant ability to add value, and you must accept the danger of giving it.
It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday.
Kano Jigoro

It is not essential to surpass another person, but to be superior than the day before.
There are two important things for full success in life: 1. Don´t tell everything you know.

'Achieving the highest level of success requires discretion; keep some knowledge to yourself.'
The most important thing about marriage is that the man must not let the woman feel downtrodden simply because she is a woman and he is a man.
Saddam Hussein

The most critical element of matrimony is that the man must not oppress the woman merely because she is female and he is male.
The most important thing in your life is not what you do; it's who you become. That's what you will take into eternity.
Dallas Willard

The most essential element in your life is not what you accomplish; it's who you transform into. That will stay with you for eternity.
Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important.
T. S. Eliot

The majority of the chaos in the world stems from individuals desiring to be prominent.
The most important thing to do in your life is to not interfere with somebody else's life.
Frank Zappa

The most crucial thing to do in your life is to not meddle with another person's existence.
It is more important to do what is strategically right than what is immediately profitable.
Philip Kotler

It is more expedient to make a judicious decision than a lucrative one.
Be you. Make sure you're saying something when you're saying something. It's important to sound like you, to feel like you, to be like you. Be you.
Erykah Badu

Be authentic. Ensure your words have purpose and genuine meaning. It's essential to communicate in a manner that is uniquely your own, that reflects who you are, and that allows you to express yourself honestly. Be authentic.
What is important to me is not the truth outside myself, but the truth within myself.
Constantin Stanislavski

My priority is discovering my internal truth, not external realities.
Your opinion of yourself is your most important viewpoint. You are infinitely greater than you think you are.
Neville Goddard

Your self-perception is your most essential outlook. You are incalculably better than you give yourself credit for.
Love is higher than opinion. If people love one another the most varied opinions can be reconciled - thus one of the most important tasks for humankind today and in the future is that we should learn to live together and understand one another. If this human fellowship is not achieved, all talk of development is empty.
Rudolf Steiner

The most important lesson I think I could impart is don't let anyone determine what your horizons are going to be. You get to determine those yourself. The only limitations are whatever particular talents you happen to have and how hard you're willing to work. And if you let others define who you ought to be, or what you ought to be because they put you in a category, they see your race, they see your gender and they put you in a category. You shouldn't let that happen.
Condoleezza Rice

The value of life is not in its duration, but in its donation. You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live. And most people are concerned about growing old rather than being effective.
Myles Munroe

Thou shalt not kill: the four most important, and yet, most ignored words in all religious teachings. There is not an asterisk next to that commandment saying, “Unless you walk on all four and have fur, feathers, horns, beaks or gills.
Gary Yourofsky

The most important thing is to forecast where customers are moving, and be in front of them.
Philip Kotler

Anticipate customer trends and stay ahead of the curve.
Of all the teachings we receive, this one is most important: Nothing belongs to you of what there is, of what you take, you must share.
Chief Dan George

'The most crucial lesson to learn is that nothing can be claimed as your own; whatever you acquire must be shared with others.'
I have the best roommates in the world! It creates a fun sense of family... and that's really important to me. Things can get so lonely without it.
Kristen Bell

I'm so fortunate to have such awesome roommates! It brings an enjoyable atmosphere of camaraderie... and that's very significant to me. Living without it would be dispiriting.
In the end, the most important thing is not to do things for people who are poor and in distress, but to enter into relationship with them, to be with them and help them find confidence in themselves and discover their own gifts.
Jean Vanier

The important thing is not what they think of me, but what I think of them.
Queen Victoria

The critical matter is not what others' opinions of me are, but my own opinion of them.
Remember to keep yourself alive, there is nothing more important than that.
Afeni Shakur

Preserve your life, it is of utmost significance.
To be a great motorbike racer, the most important thing is passion for the bike.
Valentino Rossi

To succeed as a motorcycle rider, the most essential quality is enthusiasm for the two-wheeler.
Data is of course important in manufacturing, but I place the greatest emphasis on facts.
Taiichi Ohno

I prioritize facts above all else in manufacturing, but data remains relevant.
You can be everything in life but the important thing is to be a good person.
Shams Tabrizi

You can accomplish anything in life, but the most essential thing is to be a kindhearted individual.
God can be realized through all paths. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof. You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. You can also climb up by a bamboo pole.

Silence is very important. The silence between the notes are as important as the notes themselves.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

'The hush between tones is as paramount as the tones themselves.'
To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else.
Theodore Roosevelt

The most important hour is always the present. The most significant person is precisely the one sitting across from you right now. The most necessary work is always love.
Meister Eckhart

The most essential hour is invariably the here and now. The most valuable individual is indisputably the person facing you at this very moment. The most imperative task is unequivocally compassion.
It is important not only to have the awareness and to feel impelled to become involved, it's important that there be a forum out there to which one can relate, an organization- a movement.
Angela Davis

It is essential to not only have recognition and be moved to take action, it's essential that there be an entity to which one can associate, a union- a cause.
Our national motto is 'In God we Trust,' reminding us that faith in our Creator is the most important American value of all.
Marco Rubio

Our national maxim is 'In the Divine we Rely Upon,' stressing that trust in our Maker is the foremost American principle of all.
One of my keys to success is a lot of pillows. I feel like a lot of pillows is important to relax each piece of your body.
DJ Khaled

One of my secrets to fortune is a copious amount of cushions. I believe that a plentiful quantity of pillows is necessary to soothe each part of your physique.
The key to the Toyota Way and what makes Toyota stand out is not any of the individual elements…But what is important is having all the elements together as a system. It must be practiced every day in a very consistent manner, not in spurts.
Taiichi Ohno

Breathing is so important with physical activity, then how much more important is it with psychological activity?
Kevin Gates

'Inhaling is so essential with bodily exertion, then how much more crucial is it with mental exertion?'
In music, silence is more important than sound.
Miles Davis

In music, pauses are more significant than notes.
The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount.
B. F. Skinner

The execution of rewards is more essential than the magnitude.
What is most important of this grand experiment, the United States? Not the election of the first president but the election of its second president. The peaceful transition of power is what will separate this country from every other country in the world.
George Washington

Light is the most important person in the picture.
Claude Monet

Illumination is the central figure in the frame.