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Two months ago I had a nice apartment in Chicago. I had a good job. I had a son. When something happened to the Negroes in the South I said, `That's their business, not mine.' Now I know how wrong. I was. The murder of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all.
Mamie Till

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There is nothing wrong with having a good job, there is nothing wrong with having a nice house, there is nothing wrong with that. There is something wrong when that is your goal.
Nouman Ali Khan

There is nothing wrong with achieving material wealth, but it should not be seen as the ultimate aim.
If you only think about yourself - how much money can I make, what can I buy, how nice is my house, what kind of fancy car do I have? - over the long term, I think, you get bored. I think your life becomes diminished. The way to live a full life is to think: What can I do for others?
Barack Obama

You can do nice things for people all of the time and it's never noticed but as soon as you make one mistake it's never forgotten.

You can be generous to others continually yet it may go unnoticed, however one misstep is remembered indefinitely.
It’s therapy. It’s just something to do so you’re not lost in your own not-so-nice thoughts, and it’s an opportunity to think about something a lot nicer and to do something that’s with more purpose. So you do it, and you take your passion and you put a lot into it, and at some point you get recognized for it. But that recognition doesn’t mean the man is without his own demons or without his own struggles.
Kai Greene

Oh, my God. What if you wake up some day, and you're 65 or 75, and you never got your novel or memoir written; or you didn't go swimming in warm pools or oceans because your thighs were jiggly or you had a nice big comfortable tummy; or you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life, of imagination and radical silliness and staring off into space like when you were a kid? It's going to break your heart. Don't let this happen.
Anne Lamott

When a woman didn't enjoy it, she leaves early in the morning. Those who had a nice time will wait until the sun comes out, requests breakfast and taxi money.
Julius Malema

When a woman wasn't satisfied, she would depart shortly after dawn. Those who had an enjoyable evening would linger until sunrise, asking for a meal and fare home.
I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that.

I am not prejudiced against your race, gender identity, sexuality, physical attributes, or economic status. If you are kind to me, I will reciprocate in kind. As easy as that.
I live right in front of my daughter. I have a little house right in front of her because I can stay in touch. It's like a little commune, and it's very nice, because you can be close. I can see my granddaughter. I live very close to my brother, too, and my son. We're a very close family.
Debbie Reynolds

If somebody told me I only had an hour to live, I'd spend it choking a white man. I'd do it nice and slow.
Miles Davis

If someone informed me I only had sixty minutes of life remaining, I would use it to strangle a Caucasian male. I would do it leisurely and methodically.
As a woman, I'm expected to want everything to be nice and to be nice myself. A very English thing. I don't design nice buildings - I don't like them. I like architecture to have some raw, vital, earthy quality.
Zaha Hadid

When I want my men to remember something important, to really make it stick, I give it to them double dirty. It may not sound nice to some bunch of little old ladies at an afternoon tea party, but it helps my soldiers to remember. You can't run an army without profanity; and it has to be eloquent profanity. An army without profanity couldn't fight its way out of a piss-soaked paper bag. As for the types of comments I make, sometimes I just, By God, get carried away with my own eloquence.
George S. Patton

We are accustomed to live in hopes of good weather, a good harvest, a nice love-affair, hopes of becoming rich or getting the office of chief of police, but I've never noticed anyone hoping to get wiser. We say to ourselves: it'll be better under a new tsar, and in two hundred years it'll still be better, and nobody tries to make this good time come tomorrow. On the whole, life gets more and more complex every day and moves on its own sweet will, and people get more and more stupid, and get isolated from life in ever-increasing numbers.
Anton Chekhov

Don't just show kindness in passing or to be courteous. Show it in depth, show it with passion, and expect nothing in return. Kindness is not just about being nice; it's about recognizing another human being who deserves care and respect.
Colin Powell

Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.
Johnny Cash

I am sometimes multiple personalities. Johnny is the amiable one. Cash is the instigator of all strife. They spar frequently.
I have a right to my anger, and I don't want anybody telling me I shouldn't be, that it's not nice to be, and that something's wrong with me because I get angry.
Maxine Waters

'I am entitled to my wrath, and I will not accept anyone's attempt to persuade me that it is wrong or inappropriate to feel this way.'
Always be nice to people. Whatever how bad they are to you. To show them you are not like them.
Louis Tomlinson

Be courteous to individuals regardless of how they treat you, as an example of your moral superiority.
You can be a nice guy that wants to kill himself.
Oliver Sykes

You can be a kind individual who desires to take his own life.
If you want your children to improve, let them overhear the nice things you say about them to others.
Haim Ginott

If you aspire for your offspring to grow, let them catch the complimentary remarks you utter about them to others.
I positively think that ladies who are always enceinte quite disgusting; it is more like a rabbit or guinea-pig than anything else and really it is not very nice.
Queen Victoria

Some young Hollywood starlets remind me of my grandmother's old farmhouse -- all painted up nice on the front side, a big swing on the backside, and nothing whatsoever in the attic.
Bette Davis

I don't believe that jazz will ever really die. It's a nice way to express yourself.
Chet Baker

I am confident that jazz will remain a permanent fixture of musical expression.
Change is freedom, change is life. It's always easier not to think for oneself. Find a nice safe hierarchy and settle in. Don't make changes, don't risk disapproval, don't upset your syndics. It's always easiest to let yourself be governed. There's a point, around age twenty, when you have to choose whether to be like everybody else the rest of your life, or to make a virtue of your peculiarities. Those who build walls are their own prisoners. I'm going to go fulfil my proper function in the social organism. I'm going to go unbuild walls.
Ursula K. Le Guin

My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time... Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.
Neville Chamberlain

Americans of good-will, the nice decent church people, the well-meaning liberals, the good hearted souls who themselves wouldn't lynch anyone, must begin to realize that they have to be more than passively good-hearted, more than church goingly Christian, and much more than word-of-mouth in the liberalism.
Langston Hughes

When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes; when you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours. That's relativity.
Albert Einstein

If I want to be remembered as anything in this life it's just 'nice'.I feel like being nice to others is the coolest thing anyone can be.
Troye Sivan

If I wish to be remembered for anything in this life, it is simply 'kindness'. Being kind and considerate towards others is the greatest attribute one can possess.
You have to enjoy life. Always be surrounded by people that you like, people who have a nice conversation. There are so many positive things to think about.
Sophia Loren

Revel in life. Continually be encompassed by folks you appreciate, those who can engage with stimulating discourse. There are countless uplifting musings to reflect upon.
Being nice should never be perceived as being weak. It's not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of courtesy, manners, grace, a woman's ability to make everyone...feel at home, and it should never be construed as weakness.
Benazir Bhutto

If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.
Alice Roosevelt Longworth

'If you don't have words of praise for anyone else, take a seat beside me.'
You normally have to be bashed about a bit by life to see the point of daffodils, sunsets and uneventful nice days.
Alain de Botton

You often have to be buffeted by life to appreciate the beauty of daffodils, sunsets and peaceful good days.
The British have an umbilical cord which has never been cut and through which tea flows constantly. It is curious to watch them in times of sudden horror, tragedy or disaster. The pulse stops apparently, and nothing can be done, and not one move made, until a “nice cup of tea” is quickly made. There is no question that it brings solace and does steady the mind. What a pity all countries are not.
Marlene Dietrich

Success is nice, but it shouldn't be the only reason why you're a musician.
Chester Bennington

Everything that you've learned: 'Make a lot of money, have a nice house'. But they never teach you at school how to relate, how to communicate with others, how to share values with others. ...They teach you how to make a living. You become an optometrist, he becomes a physicist, she becomes a structural engineer, he's an architect. In the future, none of that. Everybody is trained to be a generalist, so they understand different cultures, different values, how we get to be the way we are. So no-one can ever use you for war or killing anybody or hurting anybody
Jacque Fresco

Shiva danced the world into existence... that's a very nice thought.
Michael Tippett

Other kids are brought up nice and sent to Harvard and Yale. Me? I was brought up like a mushroom.
Frank Costello

You know what scares me? When you have to be nice to some paranoid schizophrenic, just because she lives in your head.
Steven Wright

The Gospel is a very dangerous idea. We have to see how much of that dangerous idea we can perform in our own lives. There is nothing innocuous or safe about the Gospel. Jesus did not get crucified because he was a nice man.
Walter Brueggemann

If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me.
Dorothy Parker

Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion; today is special.
John Spence

Nice guys finish first. If you don't know that, then you don't know where the finish line is.
Garry Shandling

I don't think of design as a job. I think of it as - and I hate to use this term for it - more of a calling. If you're just doing it because it's a nice job and you want to go home and do something else, then don't do it, because nobody needs what you're going to make.
Paula Scher

I don't want to get so lost in thinking about me and talking about me all the time in interviews. It's so nice to unwind and just look at other things and get out of yourself. It's hard to detach myself from myself without neglecting myself. You know what I mean? I don't want to get in to the habit of thinking about my career because when it comes down to it, it's not really that important. I could die tomorrow and the world would go on.
River Phoenix

Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.
Audrey Hepburn

I’m constantly criticised for being too skinny. I’m trying to gain weight but my body won’t let it happen. What people don’t understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat, it’s not a nice feeling.
Kendall Jenner

I heard Rolex makes nice watches.
Brendan Gallagher

You have to be real with yourself. No one is doing that. People are too concerned with making everything look nice and calm and pretty.
Donald Glover

Our culture has filled our heads but emptied our hearts, stuffed our wallets but starved our wonder. It has fed our thirst for facts but not for meaning or mystery. It produces "nice" people, not heroes.
Peter Kreeft

When one burns one's bridges, what a very nice fire it makes.
Dylan Thomas

It's nice when you're nervous and everybody's like, "Yeah, you should be nervous." Because a lot of times you're anxious and people say, "Relax. Shut up." And that just feels like, Well, I guess I'm also crazy.
John Mulaney