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Salvador Dali Quotes

Spanish painter and sculptor (b. 1904), Death: 23-1-1989 Salvador Dali Quotes
A true artist is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.
Salvador Dali

A genuine creator is not the one who is stimulated, but the one who motivates others.
You have to systematically create confusion,
it sets creativity free.
Everything that is contradictory creates life
Salvador Dali

You must deliberately induce disarray, it catalyzes ingenuity. Contradictory elements generate vitality.
Each morning when I awake,
I experience again a supreme pleasure - that of being Salvador Dali.
Salvador Dali

Everyday when I arise, I relish anew the greatest joy - that of being Salvador Dali.
Great wine requires a mad man to grow the vine,
a wise man to watch over it,
a lucid poet to make it,
and a lover to drink it.
Salvador Dali

'Superior vino necessitates a passionate farmer to cultivate the vineyard, an insightful guardian to monitor it, an eloquent artist to fabricate it, and an enthusiast to savor it.'
Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.
Salvador Dali

Do not dread excellence - it is unattainable.
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There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.
Salvador Dali

I sometimes feel so ecstatic that I could burst.
I am not strange.
I am just not normal.
Salvador Dali

I am not unconventional.
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
Salvador Dali

Cognizance unaccompanied by drive is a creature without propulsion.
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One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.
Salvador Dali

It must eventually be recognized that what we have labeled actuality is an even greater deception than the realm of reveries.
Surrealism is destructive,
but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.
Salvador Dali

Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature.
Never try to correct them.
On the contrary: rationalize them,
understand them thoroughly.
After that,
it will be possible for you to sublimate them.
Salvador Dali

Everything alters me,
but nothing changes me.
Salvador Dali

The fact I myself do not understand what my paintings mean while I am painting them does not imply that they are meaningless.
Salvador Dali

I do not take drugs.
I am drugs.
Salvador Dali

There comes a moment in every person's life when they realise they adore me.
Salvador Dali

Now sexual obsessions are the basis of artistic creation.
Accumulated frustration leads to what Freud calls the process of sublimation.
Anything that does not take place erotically sublimates itself in the work of art
Salvador Dali

There is only one difference between a madman and me.
The madman thinks he is sane.
I know I am mad.
Salvador Dali

So little of what could happen does happen.
Salvador Dali

Life is too short to remain unnoticed
Salvador Dali

At the age of six I wanted to be a cook.
At seven I wanted to be Napoleon.
And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since.
Salvador Dali

You know the worst thing is freedom.
Freedom of any kind is the worst for creativity.
You know,
Dali spent two months in jail in Spain,
and these two months were the most enjoyable and happy in my life.
Before my jail period,
I was always nervous,
I didn't know if I should make a drawing,
or perhaps make a poem,
or go to the movies or the theatre,
or catch a girl,
or play with the boys.
The people put me in jail,
and my life became divine.
Salvador Dali

I don't do drugs.
I am drugs.
Salvador Dali

The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents.
Salvador Dali

The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real,
the most brilliant.
Salvador Dali

I believe that the moment is near when by a procedure of active paranoiac thought,
it will be possible to systematize confusion and contribute to the total discrediting of the world of reality.
Salvador Dali

The famous soft watches are nothing else than the tender,
paranoic-critical camembert oftime and space.
Salvador Dali

Democratic societies are unfit for the publication of such thunderous revelations as I am in the habit of making.
Salvador Dali

The true painter must be able,
with the most usual things,
to have the most unusual ideas.
Salvador Dali

If you refuse to study anatomy,
the arts of drawing and perspective,
the mathematics of aesthetics,
and the science of color,
let me tell you that this is more a sign of laziness than of genius.
Salvador Dali

Those who do not want to imitate anything,
produce nothing.
Salvador Dali

The terrifying and edible beauty of Art Nouveau architecture.
Salvador Dali

If you understand a painting beforehand,
you might as well not paint it.
Salvador Dali

Don't bother about being modern.
Unfortunately it is the one thing that,
whatever you do,
you cannot avoid.
Salvador Dali

Knowing how to look is a way of inventing.
Salvador Dali

Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature,
understand them thoroughly.
Salvador Dali

Give me two hours a day of activity,
and I'll take the other twenty-two in dreams.
Salvador Dali

I do not paint a portrait to look like the subject,
rather does the person grow to look like his portrait.
Salvador Dali

Let my enemies devour each other.
Salvador Dali

The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secrets
Salvador Dali

Since I don't smoke,
I decided to grow a mustache - it is better for the health.
I always carried a jewel-studded cigarette case in which,
instead of tobacco,
were carefully placed several mustaches,
Adolphe Menjou style.
I offered them politely to my friends: "Mustache? Mustache? Mustache?" Nobody dared to touch them.
This was my test regarding the sacred aspect of mustaches.
Salvador Dali

Take me,
I am the drug;
take me,
I am hallucinogenic.
Salvador Dali

The only difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad.
Salvador Dali

We are all hungry and thirsty for concrete images.
Salvador Dali

To be interesting,
one has to provoke.
Salvador Dali

And now the announcement of Watson and Crick about DNA.
This is for me the real proof of the existence of God.
Salvador Dali

Picasso is a painter,
so am I;
Picasso is Spanish,
so am I;
Picasso is a communist,
neither am I.
Salvador Dali

Let the labyrinth of wrinkles be furrowed in my brow with the red-hot iron of my own life,
let my hair whiten and my step become vacillating,
on condition that I can save the intelligence of my soul - let my unformed childhood soul,
as it ages,
assume the rational and esthetic forms of an architecture,
let me learn just everything that others cannot teach me,
what only life would be capable of marking deeply in my skin!
Salvador Dali

Qui sait déguster ne boit plus jamais de vin,
mais goûte des secrets
Salvador Dali

In order to acquire a growing and lasting respect in society,
it is a good thing,
if you possess great talent,
to give,
early in your youth,
a very hard kick to the right shin of the society that you love.
After that,
be a snob.
Salvador Dali

The problem with the youth of today' is that one is no longer part of it.
Salvador Dali